Laser Cutting

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Laser Cutting

Precision laser cutting is a great alternative to CNC punching because it offers unlimited customization options. It is an incredibly cost and time efficient manufacturing process when it comes to complex parts. Laser cutting facilitates the precise cutting of complicated details that you cannot achieve with any other process. This includes logos, pictures and other odd shaped cut outs. It also allows for easy design modifications and provides customer with unmatched accuracy and consistency. Laser cutting is an ideal method for prototyping because there is no tooling required and set up time is very minimal. With a high quality CAD file we can have your design ready to cut in minutes.


We utilize several top of the line Amada high powered laser cutting machines which are suitable for smaller prototype runs, up to high volume production orders. We can cut any shape imaginable out of metal, plastic, wood and more. We are not limited to cutting flat sheets of metal, we can also laser cut many different sizes of tube including round, square, rectangle and more. Our capabilities include aluminum up to .375" · Steel up to .75" · Stainless Steel up to .375" · Copper up to .25 · Brass up to .25" · Plastics up to 1" · Wood up to 2". We can handle sheet sizes up to 5 x 10 feet.

How does it work?

A high powered laser beam is directed through a series of optics into the material. The focused laser beam then cuts through the material, leaving an edge that has a very high-quality surface finish. Unlike punching which leaves a rounded edge, laser cutting produces a sharp, clean edge which generally requires little to no additional clean up saving money and time. While laser cutting is a great alternative to punching it is not ideal in all situations. A turret punch is able to add features a laser cannot such as countersink and tapped holes, conduit knock outs and vent holes. In those cases we can do a combination of punching and laser cutting, giving you the best of both processes.